Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

1. Most people buy abstract art to enhance their living quarters as a decoration. A colorful wall art or even a sculpture can make a world of difference to a bare wall. Art has the ability to truly transform and wake up any environmental space including a living room. The right painting in the right corner will turn the whole area into a focal point of beauty and interest that nothing else can illuminate. Abstract paintings are standout pieces of art any collector should wish to possess. While landscapes, realistic objects and actual portraiture paintings are very interesting collect, having a piece of abstract art is a gem to one’s collection. Some of the more important abstract paintings are those of Piet Mondrian, a painter who hailed from Netherlands in 1872. Piet Mondrian’s paintings can be distinguished from the rest by the eminence of colored squares, thick black lines and rectangles. Art work depicting such were seen during the later point of his career, after him spending a part of it doing the traditional Impressionism art and post-impressionism art patterned from Van Gogh. He also took inspiration from Braque and Picasso until he eventually developed his own remarkable style. Eventually, Mondrian diverted into geometric abstracts with the use of dark black lines. Such style led him to produce works which were not viewed as actual representational objects. Mondrial’s paintings are so unique from other famous abstract painters that his works still remain famous paintings for sale in art galleries.

2. Some individuals will buy abstract artworks as a status symbol. They purchase an original Picasso to show to family and friends, like a musician showing off a recently acquired 1952 Les Paul. You can imagine the gossip and maybe even admiration that would be discussed later about how you are a person of culture and the status of owning a true original Picasso. Pablo Picasso is one of the most expensive names in the history of fine art-a Spanish sculptor, painter, ceramist and graphic artist, he is considered as the most phenomenal art genius of the 20th century. Picasso forever changed the way we see reality and art. He is the pioneer of cubism, an early form of abstract paintings. Throughout his life, Picasso's art style has 'morphed' depending on the time of his life, thus his artworks are categorized into periods. He began his art career with realistic paintings, but shifted to the somber 'Blue Period', the upbeat and optimistic 'Rose Period', and then later Cubism, Classicism and Surrealism. Picasso's paintings are now featured in different art galleries around the globe, and you can also see most of them online in the Online Picasso Project. You can find Picasso art for sale and check if it is legitimate through Online Picasso Project. Picasso has had a broad collection of artworks and sculptures, indeed. His many facets make him the most interesting and talented artists of the 20th century.

3. Purists will buy abstract paintings for the beauty. The purists are in another world when they look at art. They are truly able to appreciate the unspoken beauty that words will never convey. They can gaze into a piece of abstract art over a period of time and come away with fresh new insights to it's deeper meaning, espacially that wall art painted in cubism style. Cubism is one form of the abstract art’s evolution. Abstract paintings abound in most art galleries or paintings for sale on the net. However, the skill and the uniqueness of cubism art which was made famous by Pablo Picasso remains sought after. Of course, those who know their art know that he shares this technique with the late great Georges Braque. Most of Picasso’s paintings depict human figures illustrated in different angles or viewpoints. Picasso married his technique with that of Braque who studies Cezanne’s method. Eventually, the tandem gave birth to the so-called analytical cubism. This abstract art form is characterized by a monochrome picture depicting everyday themes such as still life. Later, the cubist abstract art evolved into synthetic cubism. This lends the subject to appear fragmented which makes it recognizable but less formal. Such process usually leads to a “reconstruction” of the subject in the process of the meeting of intersecting, transparent planes.

4. Museums will purchase abstract oil paintings for art's sake and to attract visitors and tourists coming in for the showing. The museum is not overly concerned with the beauty, but more with the artist. They want to ensure that the paintings they buy will be a good investment for them. If the people will pay to view it, then the museum is satisfied with the return. Paul Cezanne was an important influential figure in the development of 2 of the greatest art movements in the 20th century, impressionism and abstract art. He was especially a major influence to Matisse and Picasso, the forerunner of abstractionism. Paul Cezanne is a famous French painter that has moved so many painters because of his innovative art styles. He is an inspiration to Matisse, Picasso, and other artists, saying that 'Cezanne is the father of us all'. We can see in Cezanne's abstract paintings his mastery in the use of color and composition, and he has a style of his own. Please also visit the painters we represent in our online art gallery.

5. Many art collectors will purchase an artist's original pieces for investment purposes. The collector sees abstract oil paintings as an investment opportunity. In a sense the collector is playing the lottery, especially purchasing work from unknown and emerging artists like idei cadouri online. In time, even collectors come to appreciate art as they learn more about it. In time, collecting paintings can be very addictive. Their investment potential grows as their knowledge improves from the extensive research that is required to invest properly. Influenced by modernism and new ideas over the years; abstract paintings have continued to attract many art patrons and have numerous advantages. Since Abstract Art gained popularity at the start of the 20th century; this painting style has proven to have no limitation as to its use, it can practically fit any interior decor. These paintings can even suit some ethnic motifs as the paintings themselves are usually void of subject matter; the interior designer can simply concentrate on the feel of the room rather than a specific subject. In addition to this flexibility in application; the artist also has the opportunity to be as creative as possible, this art isn't supposed to be representing real objects -- the emotions depicted in the painting can show a great deal about the artist's view on certain things.

The incorporation of almost all aspects of art; e.g. shape, color, composition and texture, make abstract paintings the most suitable medium to express a specific message clearly. The other advantage of non-representational art over representational art would be the absence of rules on the use of colors; this means that the interior designers can simply look for any stylish canvas that suits them, the bottom line being freedom for both the artist and the connoisseur. Due to its avoidance of real world imagery; abstract expressionism does not detract and distract from the room. This makes it very suitable to use in situations where one's attention is to be on a specific individual or object; rather than a supporting decoration in the scene, for example on a television show set.

6. Have you ever purchased astract wall art simply because something about the piece captured your personality? Somehow, it seemed as if the artist, in that particular piece, is speaking to you. Telling you something about yourself that no one else could ever say and it connects you. Even when you have never been touched by another piece of art in your life before.  Abstract art is the slight, partial or complete departure from depicting the natural world. The main aim is to convey feelings and emotions without relying on the surrounding; thus giving the art lovers an opportunity to come up with their own uninfluenced conclusion on the art. Commonly referred to as images to feed the soul; the art completely avoids the depiction of anything in the natural world, as opposed to other categories e.g. Floral Paintings. For a painting to be considered totally abstract, it must have no semblance in the most vague or distorted way, to any recognizable thing.

7. And, there is the 'I wish I'd said that' fine art collector. When the abstract artist expresses something of him or herself in such a unique way that you truly wish you had thought of this first. Owning it is the only option to you, so you buy it. I would guess that a lot of political works of art would fall into this category.

8. Then, of course, most people will purchase abstract art prints to cover up the dead space on their blank walls especially in the living room. This might be the number one reason that many people buy paintings. People buy fine art for varied reasons. When talking about art, especially those bordering on experimental, non-traditional and modern, people usually relate such to New York. While it is true that the city, being a melting pot of various cultures, have an expansive and intensive exploration of art, especially the abstract paintings, the Americans did not pioneer such art. For those who know their art well, they do know that much of art, especially abstract art originated in Europe. It then follows that most of the pioneers of said art belong to nationalities apart from the Americans. One of the famous names which would ring a bell in abstract art is Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky, who is a famous Russian painter and art theorist. To Kandinsky, his concept of art is based on the idea that he “artist is a poet.” His influences are derived from the precepts of theosophy and the New Age tradition. He also infused influences from his Orthodox Christian upbringing. The works which clearly depict such tradition are those which interpret Noah's Ark, Christ's Resurrection, Jonah and the whale and scenes from the Apocalypse. Kandinsky's works are some of the more best-selling paintings for sale in most art galleries.

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