Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

A modern artwork is a fantastic medium for artists to convey and share their beliefs, emotions, and thoughts through creativity. There exist many ways in which an artist can express things like drawing, abstraction, composition and much more. Modern art can be categorized into representational and natural such as a landscape, an abstract, and also photographic. Art pieces can also incorporate narration in them while some artists include emotion, symbolism, and politics.

What makes a painting to be modern is how intensely it's perceived and represented. An artist will use various degrees of intensity, which are also personified by colours throughout a medium.  Artists often use plane surfaces with different levels of intensity alongside to express shapes. Just as rhythm and pitch are to music, tone and color are to paintings, essential parts. Modern paintings which are being created today highly differ from those produced in the past, by traditional artists. The old style of art that prevailed was changed by the introduction of collages by cubist painters.

Essentials Ideas of Purchasing Modern Art
Everyone wants interior décor that makes them feel good and add warmth to their homes. To achieve that taste, you should identify what styles of paintings entrance you. Not having paintings on walls is quite unattractive. Therefore you must dig for the ones that bring out the art lover in you. Modern art goes well with modern houses and gives the look of elegance to your abodes. Buying a bunch of modern art prints is the beginning of turning your house into a mini art gallery. It is quite important to stress on interior decoration because the better your living space looks, the better you feel mentally and physically. Your home is your little haven, your safe place, so it is always best to portray your taste and styles at home through art.

Lately, modern art has been in the limelight, often being displayed in art galleries for art critics and enthusiasts or in homes as part of the decoration. There are a whole lot of art-lovers and collectors around the world who are willing to pay large sums of money in the blink of an eye. Art pieces can be perceived as either investments or objects of personal pleasure. Nonetheless, they are a must-have. Showcasing modern art in your house can be a significant step to changing the environment of your home. For example, great landscape paintings adds beauty and serenity to the atmosphere. A painting about the sea or water can fuel your desire for traveling and help your mind relax. Paintings with animals or trees in them will go hand in hand in a country house and will help you give your home an easy makeover.

Modern painting is known to have a relaxing effect and also act as fantastic pieces of décor. Though you aren't familiar with the art, you can't help but fall in love with the art. Every piece of modern art has its unique way of expressing things, in an obvious, amazing and life-like way. However, oil paintings have a comparatively warm and lively effect than other kinds of paintings. It is quite obvious that many people have been entranced by art, at least once in their lifetime. A modern art makes the viewers curious and drags them into its mysterious world.

How Modern Paintings Can Enhance Your Living Room Decor

Are you troubled about giving your living room space a new look? Have you been looking for a trusted way of setting up an inviting atmosphere for your room? Do you know that your room’s appearance could depict your personality? What if you’re told that a modern painting could give the positive impact you’ve always wanted? Sure you’ve been to a friend’s place where the painting décor flows effortlessly from one art piece to another, holding your attention as if it’s paradise on earth.

Indeed, the decoration of a home comes with so many hassles especially for those who’re not skilled at interior design or better those who’re gifted in decoration. The good news, however, is that there are now several choices to make about home decoration. Such options range from the creation of open space for free movement, your selection, and arrangement of furniture, the use of dramatic lighting, use of creative centerpiece, concealing of the TV set, use of bold accent wall and lots more.

The choices are truly diverse, but they can't be complete the installation of a modern painting is added to the list. This is a paramount point to consider because with modern art, you can express yourself and you’ll always find something to suit your taste or style. No wonder the modern art is fast becoming one of the most favorite items for the home or office décor.

Ideas for choosing a painting décor for your space

  1. Consider what the general idea/theme encompasses before selecting your wall art. For instance, the themes and colors that you choose for your wall painting decor has to compliment the purpose of the room (as the color(s) in the canvas usually sets the mood of the entire room décor).
  2. Never ignore the color psychology: This serves as the foundation to the enhancement of your room’s overall style, the décor accent, and your personality. Hence, neutral colors (brown, cream, soft blue, and green) would make your room’s atmosphere feel relaxed and calm. Cuisine and wine art in bold colors would be perfect for a kitchen;a blend of primary colors would do the trick for the children's play room regarding mind stimulation; while a subtle shade of blue, green and cream creates the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom retreat.
  3. When you utilize a painting for your living space, ensure that it suits the concept of your home's design, and it’s the right size. Thus, if you’ll be making use of a painting that’s too small, it’s imperative that you make it look enlarged by fixing a large molding frame onto the wall and placing the art in it. You can also decide to have it mounted on a big frame to make it look big. In a case you’re using several uniform-sized small paintings; you can adopt the side by side placement or go for a mural.
  4. Do not embrace the obligatory misconception of hanging your modern art over a piece of furniture: This is an erroneous belief as there are other functional options apart from that. You may decide to vertically hang your art décor to instill a feeling of extra height; hang it horizontally to portray an illusion of larger width which seems to be more calming; or hang it diagonally to create an excitement (especially when the color is bright blue, yellow or red).
  5. For those who decide to hang their art over furniture, a golden rule to remeber that the canvas must not cover above 3/4 of the width of the piece of furniture. Nevertheless, you can evoke a symmetrical sense and create a focal point that appeals to your visitors by employing an odd satin for your decorative pieces.

Above all, ensure you select a modern painting that reveals your personality and the tone of your living room decoration.

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