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  • Landscape Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Landscape Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Landscape paintings were very appreciated among famous painters and they are still required. If you are an art lover you should have a landscape painting not just for the beauty of it but as a great memory creator. We all know how pictures remind us of beautiful places we went or want to go, but what if we could experience emotions and feelings about that place even before we go there? Visit our gallery to experience this unique memory. Outdoor nature rendered by the fine lines of the painter’s brush and it’s light values and warm, vivid colours –just like a spring breeze - should be a reason enough to look at our art gallery and choose that special landscape painting that could be the greatest view of your mornings. You will appreciate the original canvas and the subtle light-hearted and carefree atmosphere.Read More

    06-20-2021 Art Blog 573
  • Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Most people buy abstract art to enhance their living quarters as a decoration. A colorful wall art or even a sculpture can make a world of difference to a bare wall. Abstract art has the ability to truly transform and wake up any environmental space including a living room. The right painting in the right corner will turn the whole area into a focal point of beauty and interest that nothing else can illuminate. Some individuals will buy abstract artworks as a status symbol. They purchase an original Picasso to show to family and friends, like a musician showing off a recently acquired 1952 Les Paul. You can imagine the gossip and maybe even admiration that would be discussed later about how you are a person of culture and the status of owning a true original Picasso. Read More

    06-07-2021 Art Blog 117
  • Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    A modern artwork is a fantastic medium for artists to convey and share their beliefs, emotions, and thoughts through creativity. There exist many ways in which an artist can express things like drawing, abstraction, composition and much more. Modern art can be categorized into representational and natural such as a landscape, an abstract, and also photographic. Art pieces can also incorporate narration in them while some artists include emotion, symbolism, and politics. What makes a painting to be modern is how intensely it's perceived and represented. An artist will use various degrees of intensity, which are also personified by colours throughout a medium. Artists often use plane surfaces with different levels of intensity alongside to express shapes. Just as rhythm and pitch are to music, tone and color are to paintings, essential parts. Modern paintings which are being created today highly differ from those produced in the past, by traditional artists. The old style of art that prevailed was changed by the introduction of collages by cubist painters.Read More

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